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Our Curriculum


Core Curriculum

Core Curriculum for our students includes language arts, math, science, history, social sciences, philosophy, music, art, physical education and Spanish. The curriculum is integrated as much as possible, so it may be difficult sometimes to discern where one subject ends and another begins.



In addition, starting at approximately age nine, students begin choosing from a handful of electives each semester and invest time in their interests. Electives are designed to strengthen athletic, interpersonal, and/or artistic skills. We emphasize these programs as a part of our curricula rather than as a strictly “supplementary” addition, as we believe that we have a responsibility to provide programming that strengthens and shapes life skills outside of the classroom. Read a sampling of past electives.


Our curriculum emphasizes:

  • Finding out what the students already know, what their needs are, and where their interests lie

  • Inquiry, observation, exploration, investigation, and experimentation

  • Making connections across disciplines

  • Critical thinking and problem solving, prioritizing these above rote skills

  • The learning process versus a polished product

  • Collaboration versus solitary seatwork


While curriculum at PLS is designed and implemented by individual teachers, the entire staff meets regularly to ensure that our curriculum is intentional, cohesive, sequential and mission-appropriate. PLS teachers use Pennsylvania State Standards as the framework for planning curriculum.


A Word About Technology

At Project Learn School, we believe students should learn to use technology in meaningful ways that promotes 21st century communication skills. We strive to integrate technology into our hands-on, project-based curriculum in age appropriate

ways, working carefully to strike the right balance between “screen time” and “face-time.” Read more



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